Sexual Transmutation

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Everything is a form of energy. Sex and orgasm release energy. Sexual transmutation is harnessing your sexual energy in order to perform other tasks. This energy can be used to achieve goals and be more productive in life. It is an extremely powerful technique.

Stay away from masturbation for as long as possible. The benefits will change your life. This is real and it works. Pornography and masturbation being healthy is a lie that limits our consciousness. Research No Fap and decide for yourself. You will not regret it.

Beware of division

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The best way to defeat a movement is to lead it. The second best way is to divide it. Division is the name of the game. It limits the collective consciousness of humanity.

Feminist vs Privilaged White Male

Liberal vs Democrat

Black vs White

Man vs woman

This is all a giant ploy. False dichotomies. Anytime you identify yourself with an ideology, you potentially become a pawn on the chessboard. The powers that be are suppressing our consciousness. They want ” us to fight us”. They do not want it to be a ” us versus them” consciousness. The only true war is the one between humanity and those that suppress humanity.


The Bond Between Man and Woman

The bond between man and woman was designed to be strong. Some believe that the feminine and masculine duality is what keeps the universe in balance. In the past few decades our culture has eroded this bond. Now instead of attachment to each other, we have enmity instead.

Becoming physical with a person is supposed to reinforce the male/female bonding. Society has reduced sex to recreation. It is more powerful than that. This is why your first romance was so magical. That infatuation you felt was supposed to bond you to that person for the rest of your life.

The movie Captain Fantastic has a great scene that illustrates this point. In this scene, the boy experiences his first kiss. He becomes bonded with that girl to the point of vowing to cherish and protect her. This may seem absurd and creepy in this culture but for most of human history this was the ideal. This is the way it was supposed to be. Not the mess we have now.

The most important realization about dating

The most important thing that i have learned from dating is that life is just a numbers game. Once you self improve to a decent standard, then life is just a roll of the dice.

Some people are going to like you for some inexplicable reason. Others are not going to like you for some inexplicable reason. Attraction is very mysterious. Meet as many people as possible. Ask all of your crushes out. You never know who will stick.

So basically become the best version of yourself and then roll the dice. Its all a numbers game. This applies to almost everything in life including job applications, sports, friendships etc.


Women, your subconcious mind is tricky

You like who you like. You see a guy from across the room. You talk to him for a few seconds and then you get that visceral feeling of attraction for him. Damn, you can’t help it. You just know that is who you want. You don’t know exactly why you like him. Something about his energy draws you in. Where does this feeling come from?

It comes from your subconscious. Your desires were starting to form before you even knew how to walk. What you are attracted to is a reflection of what you have experienced ever since you were born. It is who you are. If you were a computer, we would call it your software. Sometimes this programming leads you to be attracted to harmful men. These men hurt physically you or abuse you emotionally. This is when you need to open up the hatch to your subconscious, and fix some stuff inside your mental computer. You need a new operating system.

Changing your subconscious is difficult. This is the essence of spiritual growth. It is looking inside and cleansing your impurities. Even though it is difficult, it is incredibly beneficial. One of the goals of this life is to cleanse our souls of destructive tendencies. You can do it!

Men, do not take rejection personally

Never ever take rejection personally. Ever. Attraction is a very mysterious phenomenon. Girls like what they like. It may not make sense to you. It does not even make sense to her most of the time. Ask a woman why she likes a certain guy and you will not get a solid answer. She will struggle to give you a concrete reason. It is just a feeling for her originating in her subconscious mind. Being angry at rejection is like being angry at someone for not liking your favorite band. Musical taste, like attraction, is unique to that person.

What a woman is attracted to is shaped by her environment at a very early age. It sinks into her subconscious mind. She then reacts to that stimuli when she sees it. For instance, a certain female might like a guy that reminds her of her father. She doesn’t consciously know this, but she ends up dating guys that remind her of him. Maybe she had a crush on Leanordo DiCaprio when she was younger after seeing the movie Titanic. Ever since then she formed an attraction to guys that remind her of the character Jack.

Our subconscious (spiritual self) makes most of the decisions. We think we are in control, but we are not. A woman’s subconscious desires are just being expressed in who she is attracted to. Why would you be angry at a person who is just acting out subconscious motivations? You wouldn’t.

Often, these subconscious motivations are destructive. These women have a self-destructive trigger in their subconcious, so they gravitate towards harmful men. In order to break this habit of pursuing bad men, these women need to change their subconscious (spirit). They need to become a new person. This takes intensive soul-searching and meditation but the journey is worth it.

Energy, Frequency and Vibration


            Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. People are attracted to others that share their frequency. When you pursue a person, make sure that they are on your vibrational frequency. It makes everything easier. You can feel it when you meet a person that is on your energy level. You feel comfortable with them. The laughter flows effortlessly. It is like finding your match. Two things will happen when you pursue a person that is on your frequency.

1.) They will recognize the frequency match and make it easy for you to enter their life. This will feel natural. It feels like meeting a person you have known forever even though you are strangers. The relationship will progress easily.

2.) They will go against their better judgment and not allow you to enter their life. This will bother their soul. If you interact with them face to face, they will be unable to deny the connection. This is tragic. In this scenario just move on. If it was a true connection they will think about you periodically for the rest of their lives.

Insecurity and Consumerism

We live in a consumption based society. The system would instantly fall apart if we stopped buying products. In order to get a person to buy something, a seller needs to demonstrate that the customer is lacking. Wholeness is complete. It is secure. How can you sell to someone that is secure and whole? You can’t. This is why the system is design to keep you insecure. When you are insecure, you attempt to fill that void. Instead of filling it with the divine energy found within, you seek material objects ( sometimes individuals). So in order to keep itself going the system must manufacture insecurity in the population. Everything in this society is designed to keep the collective consciousness of the individual limited. More on this in future posts.



Suffering is a fascinating topic with many diverse explanations. Gnostics believe that suffering is an unfortunate part of a malicious world created by a demiurge. Buddhist believe that all life is suffering and that suffering is caused by attachment. Christians state that suffering originates from original sin. Some New Agers believe that life is a school and suffering is here to teach us a lesson.

I do not know which philosophy is correct. Maybe they are all wrong. What I do know is that suffering is the most effective way to grow. There is no more effective motivator than pain. One grows through adversity. When you are going through the darkest night, this is when your spirit is remodeling itself into something stronger. Suffering hurts badly. Use this pain to transform into something beautiful. Use the pain to make a change.