Women, your subconcious mind is tricky

You like who you like. You see a guy from across the room. You talk to him for a few seconds and then you get that visceral feeling of attraction for him. Damn, you can’t help it. You just know that is who you want. You don’t know exactly why you like him. Something about his energy draws you in. Where does this feeling come from?

It comes from your subconscious. Your desires were starting to form before you even knew how to walk. What you are attracted to is a reflection of what you have experienced ever since you were born. It is who you are. If you were a computer, we would call it your software. Sometimes this programming leads you to be attracted to harmful men. These men hurt physically you or abuse you emotionally. This is when you need to open up the hatch to your subconscious, and fix some stuff inside your mental computer. You need a new operating system.

Changing your subconscious is difficult. This is the essence of spiritual growth. It is looking inside and cleansing your impurities. Even though it is difficult, it is incredibly beneficial. One of the goals of this life is to cleanse our souls of destructive tendencies. You can do it!

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