Men, do not take rejection personally

Never ever take rejection personally. Ever. Attraction is a very mysterious phenomenon. Girls like what they like. It may not make sense to you. It does not even make sense to her most of the time. Ask a woman why she likes a certain guy and you will not get a solid answer. She will struggle to give you a concrete reason. It is just a feeling for her originating in her subconscious mind. Being angry at rejection is like being angry at someone for not liking your favorite band. Musical taste, like attraction, is unique to that person.

What a woman is attracted to is shaped by her environment at a very early age. It sinks into her subconscious mind. She then reacts to that stimuli when she sees it. For instance, a certain female might like a guy that reminds her of her father. She doesn’t consciously know this, but she ends up dating guys that remind her of him. Maybe she had a crush on Leanordo DiCaprio when she was younger after seeing the movie Titanic. Ever since then she formed an attraction to guys that remind her of the character Jack.

Our subconscious (spiritual self) makes most of the decisions. We think we are in control, but we are not. A woman’s subconscious desires are just being expressed in who she is attracted to. Why would you be angry at a person who is just acting out subconscious motivations? You wouldn’t.

Often, these subconscious motivations are destructive. These women have a self-destructive trigger in their subconcious, so they gravitate towards harmful men. In order to break this habit of pursuing bad men, these women need to change their subconscious (spirit). They need to become a new person. This takes intensive soul-searching and meditation but the journey is worth it.

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