Energy, Frequency and Vibration


            Everything is energy, frequency and vibration. People are attracted to others that share their frequency. When you pursue a person, make sure that they are on your vibrational frequency. It makes everything easier. You can feel it when you meet a person that is on your energy level. You feel comfortable with them. The laughter flows effortlessly. It is like finding your match. Two things will happen when you pursue a person that is on your frequency.

1.) They will recognize the frequency match and make it easy for you to enter their life. This will feel natural. It feels like meeting a person you have known forever even though you are strangers. The relationship will progress easily.

2.) They will go against their better judgment and not allow you to enter their life. This will bother their soul. If you interact with them face to face, they will be unable to deny the connection. This is tragic. In this scenario just move on. If it was a true connection they will think about you periodically for the rest of their lives.

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