Predatory Dating

 Predation exist in all levels of nature. Humans feed on animal life, the animals feed on the plants, the plants feed on the soil etc. This is a tragedy of life. It leads many people to conclude that the designer of this system is not benevolent. A similar mechanism is at work in dating.

We often feed on each other. Men will use a female for sexual pleasure and affection with no intention of long term commitment. When she no longer becomes convenient, he will drop her. This is referred to as stringing along someone. I have done this many times in the past. It is something I deeply regret.

Women will use a man for dinners, resources, and emotional support with no intention of romantic commitment. When he no longer becomes convenient she will drop him and move on to the next prey. Most of the time we do these things unconsciously. It is not our intention to hurt the other person. Our selfish ego centrism takes over. It happens unbeknownst to us.

Let’s strive to end predatory dating. We should become more symbiotic. Leave the person better than when you found them is an old PUA truism that applies here. The world may be predatory, but we can choose to be different.

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