Ladies: Please don’t rush into sex

Don’t rush into sex:

Trust me on this one. I am a guy. I repeat. I am right on this one. DO NOT SLEEP WITH A GUY ON THE FIRST DATE. I know this contradicts the sex positive trend we have been witnessing the last few decades. My stance on this topic is not a popular one in more liberal circles. I don’t care. It is the truth. Men judge women on the amount of sexual partners that they have had. This is will never change. Any man that says that he is does not judge is lying.

Even if you are on the  sexually liberal side of the spectrum, hide it. Act like you are prude. Wait at least 3 dates before you go all the way with the guy. He will respect you more. People generally value things that they work for. Easy things are seen as less valuable. If someone was selling a car for $1 you would start to become suspicious. Even if this car was in reality in perfect shape, you would suspect that the vehicle was defective. Don’t sell your car for $1. Enough said.

Guy thoughts:

“ I really like Kelly. But im kinda scared she let me have sex the first night. Does she do this with every guy? Is she a slut? What if she is crazy? What if we get together and she cheats on me? I feel like she is going to cheat on me because she is a slut. Hmmm I think I am going to pass on this one”.

You Are Worth the Wait:

Many men will act like they want something more, sleep with you, and then disappear. The best way to filter these men out from the running is to make them wait. The “hump and dump” type of men are allergic to waiting. Waiting for sex is their worst nightmare. They want a low investment high yield type girl. Don’t be that girl. I am going to tell you something that most women do not know. This is huge. IF A GUY REALLY LIKES YOU HE WILL NOT MIND WAITING.

I repeat IF A GUY REALLY LIKES YOU HE WILL NOT MIND WAITING. When a guy meets the girl of his dreams, he enjoys everything about her. He enjoys talking to her, walking with her and he even enjoys little stupid things like hearing her laugh. The guy is totally smitten. Sex is not the main dish. It is the icing on the cake for him. Be the girl that he would love to be around even if all he could do was kiss her. Be the girl he wants to “ kiss the sh*t out of” and avoid being the girl that he wants to “ fuc* the sh*t out of”. Do you think Corey on Boy Meets World needed to have sex with Topnaga right away? No, he did not. He was just enamored by her presence.

You are special. You are a woman. In your uterus is the ability to create life. No man on this planet will ever be able to say that. You are the creator. Women are the incarnation of mother earth. Treat yourself accordingly. Make a man wait a little in order to make sure he is worthy of you. You will never regret waiting a little longer than usual. But you may regret moving too fast. I love you all! Good luck ladies.

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