Friendzone ( for guys)

                Friendzone, Image, and Im 14 & This Is Deep: l his deep
DEEP image about the friendzone!!

Men and women can rarely be friends. We are sexual compliments. Our society tries to obscure this simple fact. It is difficult to accept, but it is true. If you find yourself in the friendzone it is best to move on. There are many reasons that you may get put in the friend zone. Most are not important. The important thing to remember is to not take it personally. It is not a personal attack on your value. It is a very subjective estimation of your value. Nothing more and nothing less.

There is only ONE type of friendzone that you should take personally. It is the “dishonest friendzone”. It is when someone secretly has feelings for you but is putting you in the friendzone for selfish reasons. I will tell you a great way to get out this type of friendzone in a upcoming post.

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