Have a Mission : Pursue your talent


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Everyone has a talent. Your soul came to this earth with a genetic gift. Your talent is literally your super power. It is that thing that you do better than most. For example, you may have this uncanny ability to public speak, to draw well, to remember facts about WW2, to pick up languages etc. Your talent could be anything. This is no accident. You were given these gifts for a reason. It would be a tragedy if you didn’t use these gifts to better the lives of those around you.

Once you identify and pursue your talent, everything starts to fall into place. This includes dating. When you begin on your mission, you start to meet the right people at the right time. These people were sent to aid you along your journey.  Some will be romantic lovers and some will be your life long friends. So identify your talent and pursue it. That is your life’s mission!

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