Women: should you settle?


The standard definition of settling is getting less than what we deserve. I would like to change that definition. Jon’s ( aka me) new definition of settling is:


gerund or present participle: settling
  1. 1.
    to compromise on less important things in order to obtain more important things .
    “he is not that cute but gurrrrl he sure can cook!”
    synonyms: no one is perfect, have realistic expectations please;

    “he kinda has a big nose, but he cares about me a lot and treats me well. I am so happy”
    Everyone’s definition of settling is different. But i have known females that have lowered their physical standards a little and have gained a lot. My sister and her friend are currently in great relationships. Once they slightly lowered their extremely high physical standards, a whole new world of guys opened up to them. Now they are as satisfied as ever.
    To some women physical attractiveness is paramount. Nothing wrong with that. Just understand that sometimes compromise may be necessary. Never compromise on how someone treats you. Always demand respect and love. But when it comes to looks………..there may be a little more wiggle room. Just a thought. Good luck!!!

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