Kill the victim inside: walk away

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We all have a little victim inside of us. This victim is always ready to make an appearance. When we find ourselves in bad relationships, we often cling onto the crutch of victim hood. It keeps us shackled to the illusion of being powerless. This crutch justifies our fear of walking away.

The beauty of life is that you can choose to be a victim or not. You have the power to change your external world. Walking away from a bad situation is the most powerful tool anyone has. Learned helplessness is an illusion. Once you walk away from toxic relationships, your self-esteem will skyrocket. You will gain a confidence that you forgot you had.

There are people in this world that will support and encourage you. There are romantic partners that will value and love you. 7 billion people live on this earth. That is 7 billion potentialities. Go find the people who add positivity to your life. They are out there waiting for you. It took me a long time to learn this simple concept. I stayed in toxic relationships for way too long (friendships, significant others etc). Don’t make the same mistake. Remember that you are never a victim!



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