Most bad behavior comes from insecurity Picture Quote #1

I really wish this wasn’t true. But it is. Most socially weird behavior stems from insecurity. Insecurity drives our jealousy, our co-dependence, narcissism, womanizing, promiscuity, arrogance etc. The most freeing moments are the moments when you identify an insecurity and then kill it. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT THINGS TO DO IN LIFE.

Insecurities are like predatory wild animals. They rely on being undetected. Hunting for them is horrifying. It is horrifying because we have to take a painful journey that requires self-honesty. We must delve deep into the jungle of our psyche. We have to take a journey into our past. Figure out where these insecurities were created and why. Once we explore them, they tend to dissipate. They lose their power over us. The moment we kill them our behavior starts to change. We become less reactive to situations. We become more positive and more emotionally and mentally healthy.



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