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The marriage rate is the lowest it has even been in 150 years! Male and female relations are as strained as ever. If you ever plan on getting married this is for you. We can guide you in the right direction.

               Dating right now is hard; we do not live in the world our parents and grandparents lived in. SH*# IS TOUGH. So we hope to offer a little relief. We don’t have all the answers, but we have made most of the mistakes (more than once). And with those missteps, comes a little perspective. We will prioritize material made for female consumption because most the female dating and self-improvement advice is HORRIBLE. We hope that women will find value in a male perspective on dating. It is like picking the collective brain of men. This advice is “straight from the horses mouth”. The advice that we gave our younger sisters is now being offered to you.

            Our goal is to share what we’ve learned, in hopes that it might make navigating these murky times just a bit more pleasant (or at least entertaining). This blog won’t make you smarter, taller, or more attractive to the opposite sex. But it may get you thinking about what it’ll take to get there. At the very least we can grow spiritually along the way.

About the authors: Don and Jon are just regular guys with unique perspectives. We wanted to make a blog that our future daughters and sons can go to for wisdom on life and relationships. I hope that we have succeeded. Enjoy!

Contact email:    info@liveandlearndating.blog

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